How I came into the possession of the books

In 2009 Éditions Minkoff SA went bankrupt. Sylvie Minkoff, who had managed the company, died on 9 December 2010. The rent for the Minkoff book store which I have obtained was not paid for years. All of Sylvie Minkoff’s heirs had refused to accept the inheritance, and so the books were left in the storeroom without a prospect of the rent ever being paid. After the owner of the room had without success tried to sell the material, he began to pulp whole pallets of books in order to empty the room and rent it out to someone else. During some of these days, those interested could buy books against a symbolic price. This was what I learned after I had tried for years to find the Minkoff store. I was able to buy the remaining 25 pallets with 14.6 tons of books (the owner of the storeroom had a possessory lien which allowed him to sell them) and move them into a room in Basel, where they are now stored.

Objective and sales procedures

I have obtained the Minkoff store to prevent it being destroyed and to make it possible for those interested in Minkoff books to buy them at a reasonable price. Like other Minkoff customers both old and new, I had been surprised by the failure of the company, and would have wanted to have the opportunity to buy more of their books. This is now possible again – at least until June 2015. If I can maintain the offer for a longer time depends on the balance by the end of 2014.

Prices are at least 50 % lower than listed previously. Please be sure to consult the Terms & Conditions of Business.

A note to authors

Especially during the last years of Éditions Minkoff’s existence, some authors did not receive a sufficient compensation for their work, or sometimes even none at all. I am not the legal successor of Éditions Minkoff SA and I do not have their records, but I would like to offer to these colleagues the opportunity to obtain books at a reduced price to prevent them feeling impaired by my sales campaign. Please contact me if you want to accept my offer.

About the index

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